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Here's a selection of all study visits the Netherlands has to offer. If your specific study visit is not listed here, please contact us or request a quote.

sv-38   Amsterdam   Amsterdam Underground Tour
sv-38   Amsterdam   The Cannabis College is a non-profit information centre about cannabis.
sv-38   Amsterdam   Dutch Voluntary Euthanasia Society wants the advancement of possible use and social acceptance of the existing legal possibilities towards a free choice for the ending of life.
sv-38   Aalsmeer   FloraHolland Aalsmeer flower auction fulfils the role of matchmaker, intermediary and knowledge center.
sv-38   Naaldwijk   FloraHolland Naaldwijk flower auction fulfils the role of matchmaker, intermediary and knowledge center.
sv-38   Haarlem   Halt Kennemerland gives juveniles the chance to right their wrongs whilst avoiding contact with criminal justice authorities.
sv-38   Amsterdam   Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum is about the history of the cannabis plant.
sv-38   Lisse   Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden.
sv-38   Broek op Langedijk   Museum Broeker Veiling is the oldest sail-through auction in the world originated in 1887. 
sv-38   Amsterdam   Nursing Home Vreugdehof is the body of knowledge for the OsiraGroep about reveladation and reactivation.
sv-38   Amsterdam   The Prostitution Information Center serves as an educational center and resource for providing information and advice about prostitution.
sv-38   Schiphol   The Schiphol Behind The Scenes Tour is a multimedia experience about the dynamic nature of Schiphol Airport.
sv-38   Amsterdam  

Hogeschool van Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - Health & Social Care - Social Work - Early Childhood Studies - Teacher Training - Media/Communication 

sv-38   Amsterdam   ROC van Amsterdam - Health and Care - Practical Education
sv-38   Haarlem   Spaarnezicht supports young people between the age of 16 and 23 without a home.
sv-38   Amsterdam   Stichting Volksbond Amsterdam supports vulnerable and homeless clients. 
sv-38   Almere   The Yakult Factory will provide information about the power of good bacteria and how the latest technology is used to make Yakult.

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