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Booking conditions

  1. A booking will be accepted as long as the requested service is available.
  2. A booking will be considered as confirmed only after receiving a written confirmation per fax, e-mail or letter.
  3. A single room price is only valid if the group needs less than 10% single rooms of the total rooming.

Cancellation/refund policy

  1. The percentage of the fee will be calculated according to the number of persons booked.
  2. There are no refunds possible during the stay of a group.
  3. Cancellations have to be confirmed in written by Excalibur Tours Amsterdam.

We fully refund a reservation cancelled 92 days prior to arrival.
After this period the following cancellations fee will be charged:

Period Cancellation fee
92-62 days before the date of arrival 15% of the total amount
62-31 days before the date of arrival 35% of the total amount
31-15 days before the date of arrival 60% of the total amount
15-07 days before the date of arrival 85% of the total amount
07-00 days before the date of arrival 100% of the total amount

Payment conditions

A reservation can only be confirmed by paying 30% of the total amount as a deposit.
The final invoice will be sent by Excalibur Tours Amsterdam by e-mail about 14 days prior to the date of arrival of the group and needs to be paid before arrival. 

Other conditions

  1. Name/rooming list: A name list/ rooming list is required 14 days prior to arrival of the group.
  2. Rates: All rates are quoted in Euros. We reserve the right to make any necessary adjustments in these prices arising from any price variation. Rates quoted depend on availablity and we reserve the right to quote different prices for alternative accommodation. The rates are according to the final rooming given by the hotel.
  3. Vouchers: You can make your own vouchers for our hotels and excursions, on condition the following is printed on the voucher: 'Booked and paid by Excalibur Tours Amsterdam'.

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Excalibur Tours is connected to the SGR (Travel Refund Guarantee Fund), Calamiteitenfonds (Calimity Fund) and ANVR (General Dutch Association of Travel Agencies)


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